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Speeding up your iPhone!

Hello New York City!

Today we will write some simple steps on speeding up your iPhone!

Today everyone would be like to own the latest and fastest model of Apple iPhone, but in reality, many of us still use older model iPhones with iOS 7 or iOS 8 as well as iOS 9. Slow performance can be attributed to a whole range of causes, some of which are fairly easy to fix, so let’s look at some of the simple steps on speeding up your iPhone and get it running to the best of its’ capabilities.

Do you have the latest version of iOS?

To ensure your iPhone operating system is up to date, go to Settings, General, Software update and check that you have the very latest version; iOS 9.2. If you have an iPhone 6 (or earlier model), sadly they will not be compatible with this version, but check that your iPhone 6 has iOS 9.2, the latest version supported by this model.

It is worth noting that in some cases, upgrading the iOS to a higher level may actually make your iPhone run slower, but it’s worth a try as equally it may help to improve the speed.

Close down all the apps

Non-essential apps may be consuming your iPhone memory, so close them all down and then only open the ones you want to use, when you want to use them. A double click on the Home button will reveal all the apps that are running (assuming you have iOS 8 or iOS 9 ), so you can close them by swiping upwards.

Delete unwanted apps

It’s so easy to install new apps that we often forget that they use up valuable space; it makes sense to remove any apps that you don’t use. In Settings, General, Usage you will see an option to Manage Storage – tap this and you will see the apps on the iPhone and how much space they are using. You need around 1GB of free space for the phone to operate properly, so choose any unwanted apps, tap on them and then select delete. Repeat until you have enough free space.

Try a restart

If a problem has occurred with one or more apps, restarting will often put things to rights, and will clear down some memory, so press and hold the Sleep button until you see the Power Off slider. Move the slider to off, and the iPhone will close down in around 10 seconds. To restart, press and hold the Sleep button again until the Apple logo appears, and after about 1 minute the iPhone will be awake again and ready for use

These are a few suggestions for simple actions that should be within anyone’s capabilities, and it is just possible that by following them, you may be able to speed up your iPhone enough to save you having to ditch your old handset and buy a new one. However, if you’ve done everything listed here and it’s still running slowly, why not put your iPhone into the hands of the NycProjector’s expert? They have oceans of expertise in all Apple devices, and can recommend an economical repair or a service that could revolutionise the performance of your iPhone and save you money into the bargain.

Don’t forget to call us or write us! Our slogan is “No fix no Fee” and you can save money by having free advice!


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