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Broken or damagediPhone or iPad

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NycProjector Shop is the center for repairing smartphones. We service Apple iPhones, Apads, Samsung, Tablets, Blackberry and others. No appointment is necessary, so feel free to come in anytime during our business hours! And as always, the estimate is free. Or you can SUBMIT the quote Form to ask for any problem or issue and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

iPhone motherboard repair

A bad or broken logic board can be the causenycprojector shop inc of multiple problems with your iPhone. Listed below are some things that can be the result of a bad logic board:

No Wifi
Charges but does not sync
No reception (This means never any reception at all, not just poor reception)
Does not boot past the Apple icon
The iPhone does not power on
Does not recognize the sim card
If your iPhone shows any, but not limited to, of the signs up above, you more than likely need to have your logic board replaced. It is worth noting that just because your iPhone displays any or even all of the symptoms above, doesn’t mean that your logic board is the problem. Other things could be the root of the problem, so a detailed diagnostic would need to be performed in order to properly diagnose your iPhone with a bad logic board.


Common service repair for iPhone 2G/3G/3Gs/ 4/4s/ 5/5c/5s /6/6plus/6S/6S/7/7 plus/8/8 Plus/X Verizon, T-Mobile®, AT&T® , Sprint®, MetroPCS®, Boost Mobile Cell Phone, etc..

  • Motherboard repair
  • Broken/Unresponsive Glass digitizer
  • Broken/Unresponsive LCD ScreenBack
  • Housing Replacement
  • Battery Replacement
  • Charging Port replacement
  • Home button replacement
  • Earphone Jack Issues
  • Factory Unlocking


iPhone screen repairiPhone repair nycprojector shop inc

If your SmartPhone/iPhone Verizon ,iPhone AT&T ,iPhone T-Mobile Screen is Cracked or your LCD display is broken or distorted this is the repair for you. A front assembly repair takes about 25 minutes. If you are interested we have different colors.



iPhone Back cover replacement

Is the back of your iPhone cracked, scratched, or just in bad shape? Then our back cover replacement is right for you!

iPad / iPod

We provide a fast and efficient repair service also for iPads and iPods.

iPad and iPod Repair:images22

  • LCD screen replacement
  • Touch screen replacement (including cracked or water-damaged screens )
  • Battery replacement
  • Headphone sockets
  • Power ,Volume ,Home button replacement
  • Software recovery
  • New Dock connectors
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