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Send Your Blackberry in for a FREE Diagnostic Inspection


We can repair broken screens, sounds problems, charging problems and even liquid damage. We have  experience in repairing mobile phones. All repairs come with a 3 month of warranty for your peace of mind.



Blackberry & Samsung Repair services in NYC

  • FREE INSPECTION  – Other Problems / More than one issue – Send Your Blackberry in for a FREE Diagnostic Inspection

FREE INSPECTION – Not sure of the problem with your Blackberry – book it in for an free inspection and send it in for us to diagnose and respond. One of our Engineers will check your handset and send you a quote via email- if your happy we will fix it – if not, all you pay is the return postage.

  • Blackberry repair-LCD Broken/ No Display

This is to replace the complete lcd screen on your handset including touchscreen as it comes as one sealed unit – it will fix broken screens – inked screens – or white screens – if your display is not working this is the repair for you – Don’t be fooled by cheaper prices – this is a brand new original Blackberry lcd screen. [/item]

  • Blackberry repair- Liquid Damage Repair

This repair is for the cleaning of liquid damage – It covers the cleaning of the main-board and the replacement of damaged main board components ( it does not include price of parts such as speaker, track pad, lcd screen etc.

  • Original Complete Housing Replacement

This is for a replacement complete housing not including the touchscreen or LCD screen.

  • Charging Socket Repairs / USB connector / Micro USB Jack Replacement service

This is for a replacement Micro USB Charging Socket/Jack

  • Blackberry repair- Trackpad sensor problem repair

Please select this repair if your experiencing problems with your trackpad – this repair is for a replacement trackpad including fitting and calibration.

  • Blackberry repair- Keyboard problems repair

This repair is for a replacement keypad assembly.

  • Replacement battery cover

This is a for a replacement Blackberry Z 10 Screen ,Blackberry 9900 Torch back/battery cover

  • Blackberry Repair White LCD Screen on your Blackbery 9900

This usually means that your lcd screen is damaged and needs to be replaced

  • Sound problems speaker

This Blackberry repair will cover the replacement of the ringer or speaker module – (select this repair if you cant hear your phone ring or you cant hear people when they speak

  • Microphone Problems (people cant hear you)

This Blackberry repair will cover the replacement of the microphone module – (select this repair if you people cant hear you when you speak

Blackberry repair new york

Blackberry repair New york City

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