Electronic Repair in NEW YORK

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Free Diagnostic Service / Repair Estimate


Not sure what’s wrong with your Device? We can find out for you. Simply send it in to us, and our certified technicians will run a full device diagnostics on it for free.


Please be sure your Device is activated when you send in your device for diagnostics. Our certified technicians can only run a full diagnostic test on it.

How do you know you need this service?

If you have no idea why your device won’t work or why it’s not behaving in ways that it used to, this is the service for you. We have certified technicians who will perform a full and free diagnostic service test on it, so you can find out what is wrong and then proceed from there.

Once we receive your device, we will diagnose the issue, and get in touch with you. We can provide you a quote for the device repair, and then you can decide what you would like us to do with it. We can either send it back to you or we can repair it and then send it back.

We perform diagnostics within 24 hours of receiving your Device. We know you want to get it fixed as soon as possible, which is why we get to it as soon as possible.

Order this Device diagnostics test now. It’s free, and you find out what’s wrong with your Device. It’s the service we provide to our valued customers.


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