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OPTOMA Projector repair

Optoma Projector Repair- HD73 : Power supply Repair

Optoma Projector HD73 is in our NYCPROJECTOR shop for some repair work. Our Projector Repair shop has technicians that specialize in all projectors makes and models including but not limited to : Sony® , Panasonic , Philips , Sharp , Hitachi , Toshiba , LG® , JVC , Mitsubishi , 3M , Acer , Benq , Canon , Christie , Eiki , Epson , Infocus , JVC , Kodak , LG , Marantz , Sony , ViewSonic , Mitsubishi , NEC , Optoma , and more.3D , DLP , LCD ,LED , LCOS.

This Optoma Projector repair service consist on Power supply repair.

The power supply is what transforms the alternating current electricity from a wall outlet into a lower voltage direct current that is usable by the projector. There are many sensitive electronics in a power supply, and a power surge or other electrical issue can fry capacitors and other delicate components, breaking the power supply and preventing the projector from turning on.We are performing this Optoma Projector repair in our office located in Astoria. We guarantee full projector repair services on lab work and parts in New York City .We offer free Estimate . For any question Call  1  (347) 283 8999

1 (347) 283 8999


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