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Nycprojector can save you money!

Instead of spending money on what could be unnecessary and expensive upgrades, we can help you save money by providing fast, accurate, and cost-effective repair.

Yes! Low Price Fast repair!

NycProjector provides advanced component repair level for projector’s motherboard, laptop’s motherboard, computer’s motherboard, Apple Mac logic board, laptop LCD, LED screen replacement, PC monitor repair . We also repair water damaged iPad logic boards, water damaged Macbook and Macbook Air logic board repair, iPhones logic board repair , iPods, iPads, Samsungs and Blackberry smartphones.
Our experts offer free evaluation and FAST repair service for end users, colleges and universities, companies and also resellers and other repairers for under warranty and out of warranty repairs. We are also your best partner for inexpensive technical support, data recovery, and virus removal services
Our Data recovery (at different levels) services is performance oriented. You only pay us when your data is recovered. There is no upfront consultation fee. We do not invoice by the hour but per incidence. We only get paid when you are totally satisfied with our job.

At Nycprojector we are determined to provide our customers a reliable and honest service at value prices.

Projectors are prone to high dust build up in the filters and optics which reduce picture quality and in severe cases can result in the deterioration of the internal panels. Lack of maintenance would incur the cost of replacing the entire prism block which can be more expensive than the projector itself!

Consequently, many people are often forced to replace projectors or incur high repair costs all due to a lack of correct maintenance where faults may have been avoided.

The cost of replacing a faulty projector could very easily amount to $1000 or more when all costs are considered.

Nycprojector has the solution for all customers that could potentially save you from incurring these high costs year after year.

Our Cleaning Contract

Ensure that projectors are serviced twice a year (depending on state of projector).

The thorough repair and clean of all internal components ensures that perfect picture quality is maintained throughout the year and faults are detected at an early stage and can be repaired before serious damage.

This is provided for all customers who take out a Cleaning Contract and can be per year per projector.

(Prices dependant on model, condition, number of projectors, etc).

Cleaning Contract offers customers peace of mind that projectors will be fully functional for the duration of their usage, high replacement and repair costs are avoided and the life of the projector is extended.

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