Electronic Repair in NEW YORK

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Company Background

NycProjector has a professional team with an excellent experience. Our company Background is focused  on Electronic repairs.

Their experience starts before 1990-s in the:

  • 1st generation (Valves) of TV & Computers hardware than in the
  • 2nd generation (Semiconductor Devices, Diode and single Transistor)
  • Continued to 3rd generation (Small Scale Integrated Circuits (SSI): Less than 100 Transistors per Integrated Circuit or chip and Medium Scale Integrated Circuits (MSI): 100 to 1000 Transistors per Integrated Circuit or chip.
  • Last generation (Ultra Large Scale Integrated Circuits (ULSI): over 1 million Transistors per Integrated Circuit or Chip)
  • Nowadays modern televisions and video displays have evolved from bulky electron tube technology to use more compact devices, such as plasma and LCD, LED Displays. The trend is for even lower power devices such as the organic light-emitting diode displays, and it is most likely to replace the LCD, LED and plasma technologies.

Our company background is focused on electronics repairs! we aim to satisfy you by repairing your device and make it as new! So we save you money, add value to your device and your life is much easier with your saved device!

Our Mission statement

“We focus on developing innovative, profitable and value-added techniques and services in a sustainable manner by partnering with our clients. In doing so, we aim to develop a reputation as the leader, delivering to quality, time and budget whilst maintaining the highest levels of business integrity and acumen”


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